At Shellharbour Podiatry we believe in a patient centered approach. Time is taken to explain the issues so that you can make informed decisions about the treatment pathway you wish to follow.

We offer a full range of podiatric services to the greater Illawarra region including the communities of Shellharbour, Oak Flats, Albion Park, Kiama, Gerringong, Dapto, Wollongong, Northern Suburbs and Shoalhaven area.

Leg and foot pain

Pain can come in many forms, form the obvious injury (sore to touch) to the more general and vague (dull ache, numbness or burning type sensations). We take a detailed history so that we can determine the underlying cause of your problem and offer more effective, long term solutions.

Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotic Therapy

A biomechanics assessment is an investigation into your lower limb function. Taking a close look at any abnormalities that may exist that might explain heel pain, leg pain, knee pain and potentially even back pain you may be experiencing. We can then use an orthotic to address these abnormalities and improve your symptoms.

Sports injury rehabilitation and prevention

Sports podiatry focuses on diagnosing, preventing and treating sporting injuries. We work with our patients to develop a rehabilitation program that aims to get them back to sport as quickly as possible.

Paediatric podiatry

There is nothing more important than a child’s healthy development. We aim to see children reach their potential and can address a range of issues, including ingrown nails

We can treat any disorders of the feet and lower limb and aim to see children to achieve their greatest physical potential to keep them active and engaged in life’s activities.

General Treatment

Your feet are under stress all day; walking, running and being squashed into tight fitting shoes can cause a myriad of foot issues. Such as; Nail care, removal of corns and callus, and ingrown nails.

Diabetes foot care and education

Diabetes can have severe effects on the whole body. It is recommended that every diabetic patient have a regular assessment of their feet to diagnose and establish any abnormalities and also to prevent them becoming more serious.

Our Philosophy

As podiatrists, we effectively diagnose and treat conditions of the lower limb. We listen to what you tell us and do our best to explain the full range of treatment options available.  A patient centred approach allows you to take control of your own health and is essential to achieving the very best outcomes.

Pain and loss of function in the lower limb can lead to reductions in mobility. Mobility allows us to move about the world unimpeded. It is essential in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle! In consultation with you, we will do our best to come up practical solutions to get you back on your feet!

Appointment & Payment details

We provide access to HICAPS (on the spot health fund claiming)

Emergency appointments will be made a priority

No referral required

Worker’s compensation, Medicare and DVA accepted wtih general practitioner’s referral

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